As cyber criminals become ever more sophisticated, all businesses need to be more vigilant than ever! Whether you receive online payments or not, it is critical that employees are educated on the implications of cyber security as a business risk.

Cyber security threats touch all areas of a business – large or small. As businesses of all sizes become more reliant on technology and hold more data, the risks from suffering a loss related to problems with their computer systems or from holding sensitive customer data continue to grow. With more and more cyber attacks hitting the headlines, many companies find themselves confused about how cyber insurance actually works and are sceptical about whether it makes sense for their business to purchase a policy.

Top tips to protect your business from a cyber attack

1.Install anti-virus, web filtering and firewalls
The best way to secure against a cyber attack is to prevent malware entering the business in the first place. Implementing anti-virus, web filtering and firewalls are a must – and ensuring they are always up-to-date.
2.Keep software updates up to date!
Malware can often enter via bugs in software and applications. Protection can be advanced through ensuring software updates are installed as soon as they’re released.
3.Be careful what you click on!
Social engineering is becoming much more common. Only click on emails that you are sure came from a trusted source. This is usually payment requests and requests from the Managing Director or CEO.
If you receive emails purportedly coming from another member of staff or a supplier/customer requesting a payment or amending a bank account etc always ring and double-check before making any payment. Do not email back as it may go straight to the hackers.

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